CIP Manual and Automated

Hygiene is an essential part of the processes of the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries as a correct cleaning of all the elements is required (tanks, pipes, pumps, etc.). We offer automated CIP units, correctly selected and customized to guarantee a controlled cleaning and efficiency without having to disassemble the plant.​

Innovative CIP concepts meet comprehensive high standards. We guarantee product safety at every point of the process. Every upgrade is adapted to individual local conditions and customer requirements and leads to noticeable savings.

Individual consulting and customer-specific configurations aim at low investment costs, fast commissioning and short downtimes. Complete integration into the existing process control system ensures automatic and trouble-free cleaning and higher economic efficiency at the same time.

Today, modern Production Processes cannot be imagined without CIP systems. In view of rising costs, particularly for fresh and waste water, CIP systems have recently been in the focus of interest to identify possible saving potentials. However, for reasonable savings by means of equipment optimisation certain criteria have to be met. When it comes to the cleaning of equipment, vessels and pipes in a brewery, the major criterion can only be perfect cleanliness.

After preparation of the concept and order placement, project execution and successful commissioning takes just a few weeks.

In the food processing sector, an improper cleaning provokes contamination of the product and affects its quality. IMD Design and manufacture Manual CIP unit for small plants, where a high level of automation is not necessary, to facilitate the cleaning of these plants, to eliminate the impurities and reduce the quantity of bacteria.

Design and features
Insulated tank (500L) for cleaning solutions.
Discharge pump.
AISI 316 collectors with manually operated butterfly valves.
AISI 304 frame with wheels.
Pressure gauge at the pump outlet.
Stainless steel electric box with temperature control.
Tested and verified in our facilities.
Electric heating in the tank.
Pickled and passivated internal weldings .

More complex CIP systems are also designed and manufactured in conjunction with the client.

  • Improving your plant hygiene by automating your cleaning routines;
  • Improving your production efficiency by reducing the amount of time spent dismantling equipment to clean it;
  • Reducing the time your current CIP system takes to effectively carry out a clean;
  • Being able to prove to new and existing customers that your process is cleaned effectively;
  • Reducing the amount of money you currently spend on cleaning chemicals and water

Multi-tank CIP Systems are ideal for processes that require frequent cleaning, operational efficiencies, and sustainable solutions, as well as when cross-contamination is not a critical concern.

A multi-tank CIP system maintains a rinse tank, holding tank and solution tank allowing the recovery and reuse of both the wash solution and rinse water for the next cleaning cycle. A fourth tank may be added to a multi-tank system for acid reuse applications.

Clean-In-Place (CIP) multi-tank systems generate significant operational efficiencies and allow processors to meet sustainability goals with reuse capabilities. The systems are engineered to your specific plant application, layout and utility requirements and our in-house programming experts design each CIP program to optimize cycle times that get you back into production faster.


Savings in the cold process area
The intelligent combination of energy efficient components and cleaning processes results in improved plant availability, which ultimately means a higher capacity.

Your benefits at a glance

Individually engineered for your needs
Reduced consumption of cleaning agents and water due to the use of high-performance components and innovative cleaning procedures (small water barrier between the different cleaning agents)
Minimized energy consumption
Easy handling and minimized service intervals for a long life

Process optimisation depends on efficient, effective cleaning. Clean-in-Place systems can be incorporated into all the equipment produced by GEA for the pharmaceutical industry, including both solid and liquid dosage formulation systems. Automating the cleaning process ensures repeatability, allows validation and minimizes downtime.