HRS Aseptic Block Pasteuriser / Steriliser​

The HRS Aseptic Block Series is a packaged steriliser and aseptic filler in a compact and small solution for thermal treatment and aseptic filling within a wide range of products for the food industry, with the same characteristics in quality and aseptic reliability as bigger size plants.​

The aseptic steriliser and the aseptic filler form a single and compact group of equipment and are operated from the same control panel. Due to its design, it is easily operated, flexible and highly reliable and is particularly suitable for highly viscous and particulate products.
The aseptic steriliser, designed by HRS, allows for the optimal adjustment of every step of the process. This results in a highly efficient process, optimising product sterilisation or pasteurisation and reducing any undesired side effects that the thermal treatment that might have on the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the product. Options for the steriliser can include reception, air removal and product impulsion which ensure the absence of air during the thermal treatment stage.
The aseptic filler, also designed by HRS, provides a high filling capacity and a highly reliable process during the aseptic filling.
The steriliser can include a high-pressure piston volumetric pump with frequency converter, suitable for high viscosity products such as tomato paste or some purees. Working pressures up to 180 bar can be reached. Each of the sections of the thermal treatment steps are made with corrugated tube heat exchangers with multi-tube, double tube or annular space, depending on the type of product to process.

At the end of the unit, weighing and handling of product bins and receptors is included, together with automatic monitoring and full traceability systems. The entire system benefits from automatic Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems and no chemicals are required for product sterilisation.
Applications of the HRS Aseptic Block Series include:

  • Fruit and vegetables purees and concentrates
  • Fruits and vegetables particulates (diced, sliced, etc)
  • Fruit and confectionary bases / sauces
  • Diced tomato and paste
  • Orange pulp
  • Grape must concentrate
  • Sauces, soups and delicate products