Control Panels & Drives

IMD Process as part of the Full line supply can specify suitable Control Panel and Drive solutions to enhance the operation of any pumping requirement or process.

Whether you want to reduce energy consumption by using variable-speed drives, need a low-cost, high-efficiency electric motor or have an Industrial, HVAC systems project, look no further than IMD Process to support and advice.

By offering an integrated package of products and services, we create added value to provide a comprehensive and affordable solution to your requirements. All this is backed up with our commitment to providing the same level of quality engineering on every project.

Controlling your process enables the process to run at its optimum while reducing overall operational costs and save guarding the process from a number of unwanted issues.

We have been designing and manufacturing control panels for many years now and our technicians have great experience in this field. We can offer our clients custom built panels from small pump starter panels, bespoke drive systems to large motor control centre’s conforming to the latest industry standards.

All of our panels are designed using computer aided design CAD programs and we produce complete operation manuals for every panel that include wiring diagrams and component details for future maintenance requirements.

Many of the process control systems we have designed and built are based on programmable logic controllers PLC’S. We use high quality PLC’S to ensure reliability and performance.

Some of our customers have applications requiring supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) and/or human machine Interfaces (HMI’s) packages. We are conversant with these types of systems and are always willing to quote for the design, manufacture and installation of these systems.

“ We can build all scales of control systems from simple applications to complex applications such as CIP controls and SCADA packages and networks ”

We can also build panels for the operation of electric motors including direct on line, star-delta starters, soft starts variable speed drives and servo drives in addition to standard contact and timer relay controlled systems for production lines and liquid pumping tasks.

Through the design and manufacture of bespoke control panels we always provide;

  • A high standard of workmanship
  • Access to specialist product knowledge
  • Testing and installation of each control panel
  • Full technical support and information
  • The assurance of competitive pricing
  • Full installation, maintenance and commissioning