Product Recovery

Product-recovery capabilities that significantly reduce waste from hygienic food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing while increasing return on investment.

If your business processes food, drink or beverages, cosmetics, personal care or household products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pet food, paint, spirits or just about any other liquid or wet product, IMD Process Ltd can supportin the design and supply of the correct system.

Our “pigging” and pumped liquid product recovery solutions will improve your efficiency, profits, sustainability and environmental credentials.

Pigging Systems

Pigging for Process Industries

If you drink wine, beer, spirits, fruit juices, cola or other types of soft drinks; if you eat chocolate, sweets, candy, yoghurt, soup, honey; or if you use paint, varnish, shampoo, shaving gel, cosmetics, toothpaste, washing up liquid or other household product, then the chances are you’ve drunk, eaten or used something that’s been through a pigging system during its processing or production.

So What is Pigging

​Pigging technology has been around in different forms since the early part of the 20th century, and a wide variety of sectors, industries and applications that process liquids now use pigging systems. It has progressed from basic equipment used to clean oil pipes, to advanced, fully automated industrial product recovery and liquid transfer technology used today.