GEA Hilge Process Hygienic Pumps supported and supplied directly from IMD Process Ltd

IMD Process Ltd has a long history with the Hilge product going back more than 10 years so our knowledge is invaluable to support the supply of this product with the backing of GEA Group.

The premium pump series GEA Hilge Euro-HYGIA® consists of single-stage end-suction centrifugal pumps, constructed for use in industries with high demands to hygiene and flexibility.

Produced of high-quality materials that meet the highest global hygiene standards, GEA Hilge Euro-HYGIA® also offers a high level of flexibility. Apart from DIN, ASME and ISO connections, a flexible range of custom connections is available upon request. The pumps are equipped with operating-point-optimized impellers. Different impeller geometries are available for this.

  • Optimized impeller Open and closed impellers available as well as free-flow impellers
  • Hygienic construction The constructional design allows optimal cleaning (CIP) and sterilisation (SIP)
  • Inboard mechanical seal For effective cleaning, cooling and lubrication
  • Dead end free design The pumps meet the highest hygienic demands to avoid contamination