Alfa Laval.

Controlling the flow and transporting and regulating fluids in a safe and efficient manner is crucial for industry. Alfa Laval’s fluid handling equipment such as pumps, valves, tank equipment and installation material move fluids cleanly, efficiently and gently.

In recent years, Alfa Laval has focused on hygienic fluid handling in which the hygiene requirements are stringent. The equipment is used in the production of beverages, dairy products, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and personal care products.


The Alfa Laval range of pumps covers every need for gentle, precision pumping of all kinds of fluids of all viscosities in hygienic applications. The centrifugal pumps combine high efficiency with careful product treatment. The positive displacement pumps can be found in virtually every industry where gentle, sanitary processing of viscous products is required. The liquid ring pumps are designed for pumping liquids containing air or gas.